How to be Bold, as Told by Disney Characters


Need a little help being strong, empowered, and generally the best you you can be? That’s okay, we could all use a few lessons in being bold. And who better to teach us the fine art of boldness than Disney characters? No one. Obviously. So let’s see what we can learn about being bold from the likes of Mulan, Elsa, and yes, even Sebastian:


Dream Big
how to be bold - cinderella
Having a goal, and going after that goal, takes guts. You might not realize it, but that ambition of yours is amazing. So go for it!


Be Empowered
How to be Bold, as Told by Disney Characters - Simba and Nala
It’s more than a philosophy, it’s a reminder that worrying only stops you from doing what you want to do. We’re not saying you should be reckless, but making a funny face now and then never hurt anyone. (Except maybe Zazu. Sorry, buddy.)


Be Brave
How to be Bold, As Told by Disney Characters - Merida
You might just change your fate.


Take Risks
How to be Bold as Told by Disney Characters - Dory
Sure, taking risks can be dangerous. So choose wisely, while remembering that pushing the proverbial envelope is the way that most awesome things tend to happen.


Be Yourself
How to be Bold, As Told by Disney Characters - Elsa
You’re the only you, and that makes you pretty special.


Go After What You Want
how to be bold - rapunzel
And don’t let anyone stop you until you get it. Seeing the lanterns, earning a college degree, climbing Mount Everest. You can do it.


Do Something Unexpected
how to be bold - mulan
Try something new, or do that super-scary, intimidating thing you’ve always wanted to do. It’s good for you!


Trust Your Instincts
how to be bold - beauty and the beast
Don’t follow the crowd, make your own decisions and choices! You never know what might happen when you trust your instincts.


Stand Tall
How to be Bold, As Told by Disney Characters - Aladdin
Stand up straight, smile, and strut your stuff. Even if you don’t feel bold yet, we promise you will.


Look People in the Eye
How to be Bold, As Told by Disney Characters - Sebastian
It signals right away that you mean business. It also shows off your eyes, which we’re sure are lovely.


Think Outside the Box
how to be bold - lady and the tramp
Doing what’s already been done is a snooze, so take the road less traveled.


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