10 Easy Hairstyles

This summer I’ve partnered with Target to inspire moms (and kids) to get excited about back-to-school. A new school year may be intense, but it’s the little details or personal touches that make it awesome!

One of the things I love most about having little girls is the fun chance I get every day to do their hair. From the time both of my girls were born, they’ve rocked headbands, pigtails, braids and bows and their hair is neatly brushed before we leave the house. On days when I have all morning to create a perfect polished hairstyle, we get creative with all kinds of braids and twists. But I’m a mom of 5 and usually our mornings aren’t filled with extra time to perfectly pin or curl each strand of hair, especially weekday mornings when we are getting ready for school. This is why I find it extremely helpful to have a short list of go-to hairstyles that take 5 minutes or less from start to finish. Want to see my list? In no particular order, here are my Top 10 Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls. I’ve used my own little model to illustrate each idea, but the link to the original tutorials will be under each picture.

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_11. The Tripod // The Rehomesteaders

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_22. Messy Bun & Headband // Latest Hairstyles

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_33. Simple Side Braid // Latest Hairstyles

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_44. French Braid into Pony Tail // Somewhat Simple (My own idea)

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_55. Loopy Bun // Babes in Hairland

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_66. Feeling Knotty // We See Rainbows

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_77. Triple Knots // Variation of Girly Do Hairstyles

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_88. Ballerina Double Side Buns // Latest Hairstyles

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_99. Quick Cute Braids // Girly Do Hairstyles

easy_hairstyle_for_girls_1010. Criss-Cross Pig Tails // Somewhat Simple (Found somewhere YEARS ago)

. . . . .

So there you have it! Ten EASY Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls- do you have a favorite?

It doesn’t take a lot of time to to look put together, often times the easy styles are the ones that look best anyway!




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